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RTC Auto has reached many achievements throughout the years, and still continuing growth on two level internally and externally while sustaining progress for its existing sales network and the company commercial partnership.

The company is committed to accomplish its business plan which started back in the year 2014 with a focus to achieve a superior and distinguished commercial reputation in the automotive industry. The plan was developed to grow sales from luxurious imported cars, build a solid and strong commercial network with dealers gaining both their respect and end user respect .
Over the past ten years, a significant quantities of cars were imported, while the company witnessed a major leap in sales from the year 2014 till the year 2017.

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The company is seeking to work in line with the country national strategy, that is focused to encourage direct investment in the automotive manufacturing sector particularly in the environmentally friendly vehicles manufacturing and the electrical vehicles and make Egypt a base for export in these two commodities.


Providing high quality products and services aimed at enriching the lives of customers and achieving their aspirations. For this reason, El Rakhaa trading Auto has expanded its organizational capabilities and enhanced its internal structure to meet the needs of the pre-set business plan in order to offer all the necessary services and after sales service for both the network of dealers and the end customers.

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